UC Merced's newest institute.

Institute for Research in Innovation, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Research in Innovation, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship (UCMiRISE) is a faculty initiative aiming at spearheading development and growth to foster prosperity through research.

  • California’s future is intimately related to the San Joaquin Valley’s successful growth.
  • High expectations and hope exist for UC Merced as the engine for the Valley’s transformation and socio-economic growth.
  • iRISE will expedite UC Merced’s effects on the Valley’s prosperity and help establish Merced’s leadership status in stimulating growth in the Valley.

Focal Areas

Regional concerns with global significance:

  • Development and growth through innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Wealth and inequality
  • Social entrerprise
  • Microfinance and crowdfunding
  • Workforce development
  • Political initiatives and governance
  • Food processing


Research Opportunities

  • Small business administration, especially in low-income and under-represented communities
  • Economics of energy and water management
  • Agribusiness and agricultural product processing
  • Social enterprises for workforce development of the unemployed and underemployed
  • Winery operations and wine economics
  • Precision agriculture (e.g. drones)
  • Transference/translation of tech from Silicon Valley to San Joaquin Valley (lowering operational costs)
  • The Green Economy as a transformer of poor communities